Scoliosis treatment in Los Angeles

Dr. Andromeda Stevens, D.C.


Inspired by her own scoliosis condition, Andromeda became a chiropractor over 20 years ago. Her practice specializes in the proper rehabilitation of the lower back and scoliosis treatment in Los Angeles. She obtained a Pilates and Advanced Level Schroth Best Practice® Certification to incorporate Pilates and scoliosis treatment to her patients to resolve scoliosis and pain more effectively. She is the co-founder of Pilates Sports Center, Inc. with affiliates nationwide and internationally. 

Credentials include:

Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles “96

Schroth Best Practice® Certified (By Dr Hans Weiss - First Group in the USA)

Advanced Schroth Best Practice® 2018

Cox Flexion/Distraction Technic® CertifiedMassage Therapist - Touch Therapy Institute

Pilates Method Alliance - “Gold” Certified Pilates Teacher™

Master Teacher Trainer for Reebok Sports Club/NY 2007

PMA Education Provider™

Presenter At The Following Events: Human Movement Conference, Body Mind Spirit / Pilates On TourInner Idea / Mad Dogg WSSC and Mind Body Fit Pro

Largest Studio for Pilates in Los Angeles

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